S'more Club: Share your best stories over a tipi campfire

Share your best campfire stories with new friends

An outdoor social club that helps us stay mentally healthy during the pandemic


Why are you doing this?

We crave meaningful, deep, and authentic stories; to make real connections with others. We see our role as matchmakers for great conversation. We hope you'll leave with a couple of new friends!

Why during a PANDEMIC!?

So people stay mentally healthy. The pandemic will be here through mid-2021. Most humans can't survive without social interaction that long. Small doses of human connection can help us survive the marathon. We also believe the risk is acceptable if outdoors.

How do you handle safety?

It's outdoors. Seats are 6 feet apart by the fire.

Do I need to wear a mask?

Tell us if you prefer an invite to the 'Mask Required' or the 'Mask Optional' night. If you decide not to wear a mask to an optional night, keep a safe distance away.

Didn't this used to happen in a tipi?

Yes! We retired our Native American tipi until the virus is defeated. More fresh air is better.

How many people attend?

No more than 12 per night.

Where is this?

We switch locations. It's within 45 minutes of SF. It's a secret until you are invited.

Does this cost anything?

Nope. We like being around really interesting and motivated people. That's all we want.

I'm vegan! What can I eat?!

We have vegan s'mores also. :)

What food and beverages do you have?

Red wine, white wine, scotch, and s'more supplies.

Can I bring anything?

Sure! We won't turn down any food or drinks. But you are not obligated.

What's the format like?

Each Saturday, a different Chief S'more Officer (CSO) is in charge of making sure the conversation flows smoothly and everyone is included. Each CSO has their own unique way of doing this. But come prepared with at least one good story to share!

What are the rules?

Be nice to others. Don't talk about the details of work (unless related to your passion or a major life decision). Give a chance for everyone to talk. Go deeper. Share more. If not wearing a mask, keep distanced. Finally, keep everything "off the record" - what happens at 'smore club stays at s'more club!

Can I bring a guest?

Yes, but no more than one without telling us in advance.

How do I get invited?

Either apply here... or find someone who has already been invited to bring you.

Apply for an Invite

We choose a dozen people to meet each Saturday. We try to choose awesome people who have similiar interests.